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Bill grew up in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, attending elementary school at Jefferson Terrace and Westminster. He went on to graduate from Tara High School where he played basketball and football. Bill earned his undergraduate and medical school degrees at LSU. During his medical residency, he met his wife Laura while attending the same bible study. After their residencies, they moved back to Bill’s hometown.

Bill worked in Louisiana’s charity hospital system for over 25 years making sure the less fortunate in our state were able to receive quality health care. His wife Laura, served as chief of surgery at the LSU Health Sciences Center teaching hospital in Baton Rouge. Bill co-founded the Greater Baton Rouge Community Clinic, a clinic providing free dental and health care to working families without insurance, while Laura entered private practice and became the first female surgeon in Louisiana to specialize in breast cancer. She worked to progress breast conservation surgery and other treatment options for women.

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Bill also brought together doctors, nurses, local government and business leaders together to build a program that vaccinated 36,000 greater Baton Rouge area children against Hepatitis B at no cost to the schools or parents.

In the wake of Hurricane Katrina, Bill led a group of volunteers to convert an abandoned K-Mart building into an emergency health care facility, providing basic health care to hurricane evacuees. His top priority has always been making sure every family can get the care they need.

As a conservative in the Senate, he is focused on passing legislation that actually addresses the kitchen-table issues every family faces. Bill is fighting to lower the cost of health care and ensuring Louisianans can choose the doctor and care that’s best for their families.

He helped lead Trump’s fight to cut taxes for middle-class families and bring jobs back from overseas. He is working to empower students to receive a better education and the tools they need to succeed. He is cutting red tape to allow small-business owners and Louisiana job creators to thrive. Bill continues to fight for and protect Louisiana energy workers who are the backbone of our state and nation’s economy. Bill requested to be a member of the Senate Veterans’ Affairs Committee to make sure our veterans have the support they need when returning home.

After discovering their daughter had dyslexia, Laura and Bill realized the lack of resources for students like her who have difficulty reading. Laura helped start the Louisiana Key Academy, a public charter school for children with dyslexia, while Bill has led efforts in Congress to increase awareness of the challenges for students with dyslexia.

Bill and Laura live in Baton Rouge and attend church at the Chapel on the Campus. They are blessed with three children and one grandchild.

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