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Improving access to quality education is essential for the future of our children and country.

I support school choice to give parents the power to secure the best educational opportunity for their child. Too many students are stuck in school systems that are failing them. A zip code or income level should not limit a child’s future. All children should have access to the best tools and resources they need to succeed.

I am also working on legislation to give students and parents more information when making one of the biggest financial decisions in one’s life, picking a college. Students should know if they choose to go to a particular school, in a specific curriculum, what’s the likelihood of graduating, getting a job and how much they will have to burrow. With student loan debt at an all-time high, I introduced the College Transparency Act to give families the information they need to choose the school that will ensure the best future for them. It’s simply truth in advertising.

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Our national and economic security depends on reliable energy and the American workers who provide it. Cleaner burning natural gas has created thousands of jobs here in Louisiana and is the reason the United States has been lowering its annual greenhouse gas emissions while other countries struggle.

Rather than embracing American energy and exporting our solutions, President Biden has chosen to put thousands out of work at the behest of coastal elites. His energy policies are not based on science, but a political agenda. On his first day in office, he terminated the Keystone XL pipeline and the over 10,000 jobs it supported. It won’t improve the environment. That the same oil will be transported by truck and rail. Emissions will go up.

The Left is happy to put American families out of work for the sake of their narrative. Of course, they ignore that oil and gas will still be produced for all the energy and plastics necessary to run a modern economy. If not here in the U.S., it will be in Russia, Iran or other places with worse environmental standards.

I have and will continue to represent the thousands of energy workers in our state, because all we are seeing from this administration is an ‘energy’ agenda that betrays working Americans.

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As a doctor treating uninsured patients in Louisiana’s charity hospital system for over 25 years, I’ve seen firsthand how government-run health care fails patients. Now, as Louisiana’s U.S. senator, my mission is to lower the cost and improve the quality of health care to ensure every Louisianan can have affordable coverage.


Democrats are pushing Medicare-for-all that would triple taxes, take away your ability to choose the care that’s best for your family and force all Americans into a one size fits all plan. Meanwhile, I am leading the effort in Congress to lower drug prices and create competition, allowing you to choose something better.

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We have a crisis on the southern border. We have an immigration system that rewards those who break the law. Human traffickers and drug dealers are pouring into our communities. With over 60,000 Americans dying each year due to cartel-fueled opioid overdoses, every state has become a border state.

Securing our borders is one of the fundamental responsibilities of the federal government. Democrats are calling for open borders and trying to abolish law enforcement agencies responsible for stopping drug cartels and human traffickers. I am working to stop the flow of drugs and secure our southern border.

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Louisiana has had our fair share of disasters, but we come together, help each other recover and return stronger. As your senator, I remain committed to securing the resources Louisiana families need to rebuild, recover and return home.

In Congress, I’ve worked to secure funding for crucial flood mitigation projects like the Comite River Diversion, Pontchartrain restoration program, dredging of the Red River and others to prevent billions in potential flood damage and protect the homes of Louisiana families.

I am also working to protect and reform the National Flood Insurance Program. My bipartisan legislation would ensure the program is affordable, accountable and sustainable to the many Louisiana families who depend on it.

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The solution to Washington’s spending problem will never be taking more money from American families. While Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer are trying to elect more liberals to raise your taxes, I have worked to put more money in your pocket. Republicans passed the largest tax cut in a generation and are working to eliminate waste, fraud and abuse in government. Congress needs to fix Washington’s spending problem and we need more fiscal conservatives in office to do it.

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We must support our troops.

When first elected to the Senate, I asked to be a member of the Veterans’ Affairs Committee to represent the hundreds of thousands of veterans in Louisiana and ensure all veterans have the resources they need when reentering civilian life. On that committee, I have focused on improving veteran access to quality health care and holding members of the VA accountable for the health outcomes of our veterans.

After hearing reports that uncovered data showing over 100 VA nursing homes had higher rates of infections and decline in daily living skills than private facilities, I introduced and passed legislation to require the VA to publish the quality ratings of its 133 nursing homes nationwide. This information will help us ensure the VA is held accountable and veterans receive the best care possible.

Finding out the VA was requiring veterans to travel across the country for an organ transplant they could have received at a more qualified hospital miles from their home was concerning. As a doctor, I know this can lead to worse outcomes for those veterans. I secured passage of legislation as part of the VA MISSION Act to allow eligible veterans to receive these life-saving surgeries closer to home and I am working on legislation to bring better outcomes to all veterans.

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We are commanded in the Old and New Testaments to defend the most vulnerable. The lives and rights of unborn children are under attack every day and we must stand up and speak for those who do not yet have voices.

My record has an A rating from the Susan B. Anthony List: Pro-Life Scorecard. As your Senator, I have and will continue to protect unborn children by opposing any legislation that would expand the practice of abortion or allow your tax dollars to pay for the murder of an unborn child.

Abortion advocates understand they are losing the debate based on science, so they resort to dehumanizing the child. As a doctor, I know every unborn baby is a life deserving a future.

Democrats have blocked our legislation to outlaw abortion after 20 weeks, the point where it has been scientifically proven unborn babies can feel pain. They also opposed my legislation to require medical treatment for a child born alive after a botched abortion attempt. In some states across the country, Democrats have introduced, and in some cases, passed legislation that could allow abortions all the way up until birth.

We don’t judge our progress by laws passed, but by the movement of our culture, and we can see evidence that our culture is moving toward the value of life. However, abortion advocates are doing everything they can to push the pendulum in the opposite direction. For this reason, we need pro-life representatives in Congress to continue this fight.

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I will always vote to defend Americans’ constitutional rights set forth by our Founding Fathers. The Constitution is the highest law of the land. Despite this, groups like Antifa are threatening conservative Americans’ freedom of speech and the Left has politicized national tragedies to demonize law-abiding gun owners. Ronald Reagan said, “Freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction.” The fight to preserve our democracy begins with defending the foundational document on which our country rests.

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