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Cassidy Endorses Jeff Landry for Governor

BATON ROUGE – U.S. Senator Bill Cassidy, M.D. (R-LA) today endorsed Attorney General Jeff Landry for governor of Louisiana.

“Today, I endorse Jeff Landry for Governor. There are good people in the race, and I am friends with most. But as I’ve traveled the state, Jeff has been the candidate connecting with the most people from all parts of the state,” said Dr. Cassidy.

“We’re both fighting to make flood insurance more affordable and to get resources to restore our coastline. He and I both strongly support Louisiana becoming the leader in the new energy economy, which will create thousands of new, high-paying jobs. And we both agree we must improve access to mental health services. These are the issues the next Governor must address. Jeff plans to,” continued Dr. Cassidy.

Click here to download Cassidy’s video statement.



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