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“Over My Dead Body”—Cassidy Responds to Biden Plan to Eliminate Louisiana Energy Jobs

BATON ROUGE—U.S. Senator Bill Cassidy, M.D. (R-LA) launched a sharp rebuke of Vice President Joe Biden’s statement that his administration would “transition away from the oil industry” that supports hundreds of thousands of workers and countless local economies in Louisiana.   “Biden and his coastal elite buddies will still get the fuel for their private jets from somewhere, but it will be our folks in Louisiana who will be out of work,” said Dr. Cassidy. “Biden and the Left will strip the jobs away from Louisiana’s energy workers over my dead body.”  Louisiana’s energy industry contributed $73 billion to our state’s GDP and supported 249,800 jobs last year. It also provided 14.6 percent of total state taxes, licenses and fees, as well as $14.5 billion in wages for Louisiana workers.



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